December 08 2020
Kimuyen Nguyen

Vision can be a tricky thing. Because as your vision fades, the brain tends to quickly adapt to the vision loss, making it seem like you can see just fine when in fact you need to have your eyeglass prescription updated. That said, your optometrist will likely recommend complete eye exams at least once every […]

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November 19 2020
Kimuyen Nguyen

Most people do not have an identical optical power, but your brain keeps you from noticing it. However, a person with anisometropia has a significant difference in vision between their two eyes. As a result, an object may appear different in one eye than the other, causing blurred vision. 

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November 10 2020
Kimuyen Nguyen

Spending hours using the computer, reading, playing video games and even driving can tire your eyes out. These activities are visually demanding and can sometimes cause discomfort, headaches, and blurry vision. Other symptoms related to eye strain include light sensitivity, difficulty concentrating, itchy eyes and neck and shoulder pain. 

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