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June 22 2021
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Most people do not have an identical optical power, but your brain keeps you from noticing it. However, a person with anisometropia has a significant difference in vision between their two eyes. As a result, an object may appear different in one eye than the other, causing blurred vision. 

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June 16 2021
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Ocular dominance, sometimes called eyedness, refers to the preference of visual input from one eye to the other. Research shows that ocular dominance is often associated with handedness, though not directly related. So, if an individual is right-handed, they are more likely to be right-eye dominant. Keep on reading to learn about the different types […]

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June 10 2021
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To some people, they might find their eyeglass prescription confusing due to the numbers and abbreviated terms, especially if it’s their first time getting one. What do these numbers and terms mean and how do they relate to your eyesight? In this post, Perception Eyecare + Eyewear, the leading eye care specialist, shares the essential […]

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